Scottsbluff, NE

The easiest truck driving job you could ever want.

While jobs may be plentiful, work you enjoy is a lot harder to find. Maybe you've worked in trucking. Maybe you're in a completely unrelated field. Either way, you're probably dissatisfied because most jobs are just that: jobs. You're thrown into a role with little or no training, either micromanaged or left to fend for yourself, and undervalued. Then you're expected to put your job ahead of your personal life.

Transystems is not your typical trucking job. It's a very livable job with a livable income. We know. Many of us started our careers here, and we've stuck around for decades. We love being able to dive into new challenges, voice our opinions, and see our accomplishments. We come home every day, take summers off, and have a job waiting for us when camping and fishing season ends. We also love that our safety and our career growth are priorities, and the whole team wants us to succeed.